Kaira Looro are two words in Mandinga language, the main culture in Tanaf. The greetings of welcome or farewell, are not simple greetings of “good morning” or “good evening”, but they are real good wishes and prayers for the peace of others. Kaira Looro, that in Mandingo language means “Architecture for Peace”, is not just architecture, but it also represents the link to a culture, a spirituality and research of interiority.
This memorial was aimed to provide a peaceful place, a space for worship, in the village of Tanaf, inside the region of Sedhiou. From 1980 to 2005, the region of Casamance, in the far South of Senegal, has been suffered by war, from which more than 20,000 displaced people and 5,000 human casualties are still affected. Furthermore, the region had a devastating drought that led to a reduction of the rain water and infection.
Because of the climate and economy, it was required to consider for using local materials. The main materials in this project are pure clay/mud (mud brick) and Senegal fabric. Pure clay, one of the most sustainable and flexible materials in this village, is used for constructing the main part of worship space and fabric is used representing regionalism in Senegal, which is made by the local village people.
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