This design studio was to explore the process of change of city. Around 20 students in this studio were given a lot in a shared site, and for each week, students were to show how their buildings adapted to the changing environment by responding each other. The site was the Albert Park, placed between Auckland CBD and the University of Auckland along with many heritage buildings in the site, which meant a high density of transition was going to be concerned.
I was given a small size lot (289 m2), and surrounded by neighourhood buildings (other students), heritage buildings, and street car park. I was assigned to design a house for family. The main concept I adopted was “give way.” This was because the site was quite dense, so decided to lift the house up by providing a ground level to the public. It became half-opened, half-closed space: an obscured space, that allowed people both certain level of privacy and publicity. The client then asked to have more levels, a multi-level residential. The building went up, and at the same time the material was also changed which strengthened the term “obscure.”
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